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Thousands of trout fry settle into new home in Kings River

February 27, 2020

Staff of the Kings River Fisheries Management Program and local volunteers of all ages gathered for another successful trout fry release on the Kings River. Thousands of trout fry were released at different locations along a 9-mile stretch of river from the incubator building near the Army Corps of Engineers bridge to Avocado Lake. The release is one of three that takes place from February to April each year.

The baby trout are raised from eggs to fry, about 1.5″-2″ in length, at the incubator building along the river before being released into natural habitat with calm water and rocks or grasses for cover. Once used to their new river environment, the trout will begin to venture into deeper waters with higher flows.

During their lifecycle, the trout will help establish a diverse and plentiful population, some providing necessary nutrients to predators while others will grow into large reproducing trout in the Kings River.

Beyond environmental benefits, the release provides an environmental education opportunity for children. The Program hopes to develop long lasting values of natural resources stewardship by providing a hands-on learning opportunity.

The trout release is one of the holistic tools used by the Kings River Fisheries Management Program to achieve its mission of improving and enhancing the Kings River watershed and fishery habitat while maintaining its beneficial uses, recognizing that a healthy river is essential to the region’s wellbeing and future quality of life.

The Kings River Fisheries Management Program is a cooperative effort the Kings River Conservation District, Kings River Water Association, and CA Department of Fish and Wildlife.