About Us

The Three Agencies

Kings River Conservation District –  Kings River Water Association – CA Department of Fish and Wildlife

About Us

Launched in May 1999 and renewed in June 2019 for another 10 years, the Kings River Fisheries Management Program is a cooperative effort between the Kings River Conservation District, Kings River Water Association, and California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Working together has proven to be a winning combination for the lower Kings River fishery in Central California’s Fresno County. This innovative program has been described as a model partnership bringing together Kings River water users and their organizations, anglers, state agencies and others who care about the river. The program exists to promote collaboration, transparency and understanding amongst its diverse interests.

Thanks to the generous contributions of the river’s water users, the lower Kings River has higher late season flows, improved temperature management and increased fish habitat for longer stretches of the year. Participants have worked diligently to espouse the program’s mission statement

“Dedicated to improving and enhancing the Kings River watershed and fishery habitat while maintaining its beneficial uses, recognizing that a healthy river is essential to the region’s well-being and future quality of life.”

The three agencies are assisted by an active Public Advisory Group. Working together, these entities employ adaptive management based upon the best available science to balance fishery needs with other beneficial water uses while adjusting to changing conditions, opportunities and constraints. Decisions are all by consensus. Participation is open to all.