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Thousands of Trout Fry Released into the Kings River

Volunteers and Kings River Conservation Staff work together to enhance Kings River Watershed

Friday, April 27, 2018

Over 70,000 rainbow trout fry were released into the Kings River as part of the Kings River Fisheries Management Program’s efforts to enhance Kings River health and biodiversity. The trout release ensures a diversity of trout age classes and contributes to a robust fishery. Volunteers of all ages assisted the Kings River Conservation District (KRCD) Staff to deliver the trout fry from the Program incubator for release into the River.

The baby trout were released with the hope that they will one day propagate as natural trout do. During their lifecycle, the trout will help establish a diverse and plentiful population that will accomplish a number of things – some will provide necessary nutrients to predators, while others will grow into large reproducing trout that multiply the natural rainbow trout population in the Kings River. KRCD biologist Heidi Isner leads the incubator and release efforts and believes this aspect of the KRFMP is key to river ecosystem health.

The fry started out as eggs delivered to the incubator building in early March and were released April 26th at 1.5″-2″ in length.

Director of Public Affairs at KRCD, Cristel Tufenkjian, sees the release as an opportunity to engage volunteers of all ages in environmental education. The April 26th release invited parent volunteers to bring their children along for hands-on learning.

The trout release is one of the comprehensive tools utilized by KRFMP to achieve its mission: improving and enhancing the Kings River watershed and fishery habitat while maintaining its beneficial uses, recognizing that a healthy river is essential to the region’s wellbeing and future quality of life.