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National Public Lands Day with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

October 16, 2023

The Kings River Fisheries Management Program (KRFMP) partners teamed up with the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to celebrate this year’s annual National Public Lands Day on September 23rd, 2023. This year’s event  was held at the Kings River Wildlife Area located below Pine Flat Dam in Fresno County.

Volunteers completed two projects for 2023 National Public Lands Day – trash and graffiti removal and planting of food and wildflower plots to enhance wildlife survival by providing readily available food. One group of volunteers worked on clearing the Kings River Wildlife Area and the banks of the Kings River of trash and graffiti. The second group of volunteers assisted with planting wild grain and wildflower seeds to provide a winter or early spring food source for wildlife. Volunteers who helped with the food plot creation utilized a seed spreader device to spread wild oat, wheat, and flower seeds. Another set of volunteers then followed the seed spreaders by raking over the seeds to bury them. Covering the seeds will help increase their chance of germination by reducing the premature loss of seeds to birds and wildlife. The day ended with a lunch provided by USACE.

The Kings River Cleanups will resume this month on Saturday, October 21st (3rd Saturday of every month) at 8AM. If you would like to volunteer, be sure to sign up on the Kings River Cleanup Volunteer Form to receive information.

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The Kings River Fisheries Management Program is a cooperative effort the Kings River Conservation District, Kings River Water Association, and CA Department of Fish and Wildlife.